Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Missionary Musings

Hey Mom!

Yesterday Elder Beeston and I, had the oppertunity to meet Emily's Family. They invited us over for dinner. We were kind of nervous before we went to the dinner appointment. Emily's family is very nice. I found out she has a younger brother who is Mike's age. His name is Dan. Everyone was very polite. After dinner we asked to share a simple and brief message with them and they consented. They liked what we shared about faith. They liked us so much that they invited us back another day for dinner and/or breakfast!

Another exciting event: Elise McNaughton just got back from BYU last week. We were at the McNaughton residence for dinner a coulpe days ago and Elise was talking to us about her non-member friend, Erin, who went to BYU with her. After we left, later that night Elise called us and told us that Erin said that she wanted to be baptized. Erin lives in our area so we will teach her. Erin and Elise invited us back over for dinner on Friday. Erin wants to tell her parents why she wants to be baptized and she wants us there to help explain things.

Yet ANOTHER thrilling happening: Sunny, an investigator who has been taught everything, has decided to quit smoking. We went in to set a date of smoking-abstinance with her. We tried to set it 2 months away to give her plenty of time, But she said, "2 Months? Nah-uh. How about a month?" We had not qualms against that, if that's what she wants. So we set the quit-date for September 10.

We are still planning on having Emily's baptism this Saturday at 6pm. Everything is set. *THUMBSUP*

We are definitely being blessed.

Well that's all I have to report this week.



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