Sunday, August 30, 2009

Dallin's Eagle and...!

Congratulations to Dallin for earning his Eagle Scout award! I don't remember seeing so many people gathered for one Eagle Scout.

I always look at the men's faces as they go up to the eagle's nest. Always a little proud to be a part of the elite few.

I know these two came for grandma's eclairs! They picked a seat right next to the dessert table. Congrats to Kyle, who got his mission call to Tulsa, Oklahoma!
Of course, these two have dirty tongues because they can't keep them in their mouths.

Sam couldn't figure out why Cameron was so snuggly to Uncle James.

It's cause Uncle James always smells so good!

Here is my baby brother, being normal. Love the tie SaMmY! (gee, how come your brother's foreheads are so much higher than yours?)

And proud grandma!

Then my brother shaved his mustache, but he can grow it out again tomorrow. Hi Jean!

And last, but not least, here is my sister Audrey with her pregnant glow (she's the one on the, due in March! Congrats guys!

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fern said...

great pictures! don't worry, zack knows where his mommy is- at least you know that he is busy with the lords work- the best excuse to be to busy to write home!