Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy 25th Anniversary Hon!

25 years ago today, I was going over the plans of what the next day would bring. Being in love with a handsome 27 year old return missionary who made me laugh. Hoping for a bright future with some posterity to share our life with and to continue our existence. He would be going to school and I would work. Could we make it on my salary? Would our love last forever? Would my mom make it to the ceremony on time? Yes, Yes and No.

I met Dave in the hallway, just before being married for time. He was so handsome in his white tux it took my breath away. My first thought, was Wow! Lucky me! He is really going to be mine!

After we took our marriage for a test drive for a year, we sealed it for eternity! Now, he is mine forever!
First came the year of bliss, then the love blinders fell off and we got to learn to love each other all over again. We are definitely not the same people in this picture, but if we hadn't grown in these past 25 years, then our lives together would have been wasted.

So five boys and three dogs later, we are living here in Lehi, Utah. Dave works at the SL Airport and I love being a wife/mom that doesn't have to work to make ends meet (Thanks Dave!)

This year our anniversary falls on a Monday, so we made a weekend of it. We started off by playing racquetball with our friends the Ahlstroms. Then we cleaned up and went to the temple and did some sealings, to remind us of the awesome blessings that are ours as we keep our covenants. Then Joyce and Joe were awesome enough to let us join them at their cabin and Joe took us for some fun rides around Strawberry. We had some delicious food and had fun learning how to play Pinochle. We had an awesome weekend!

Still love my man and life is good! Happy Anniversary Dave!


gogglegal said...

What a beautiful couple! Happy Anniversary!!! It is so fun to see all of the pictures and to see how happy you were then and how happy you are now! Here's to 25 more wonderful years :) Congrats!

gogglegal said...

Sorry, I am signed in as Jac!

The Nelson's said...

Wow, what fun pictures! Happy Anniversary to you both. 25 years, that is awesome!

fern said...

congrats to you both!

Beth Hansen said...

Happy Anniversary!! 25 years - that's awesome. Hope the next 25 are just as great! Love you guys!