Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I have been so busy, but didn't give and update here. I finally figured out how to get pics off my phone so here are a couple.

This is proof that my cousin Dennis Jackson did not fall off the edge of the earth. I attended his nephew's wedding in Bountiful. This is my Aunt Betty, Dennis and two of his grandsons.

This is my cousin J.L.! He has been in rehab for nearly 4 years. I couldn't get a full pic of the two of them, but J.L. was standing on his own, giving Aunt Belva a hug! He has since had his trach removed and you can understand his words much, much better! Awesome J.L.!!!This is my cute friend Emily! She had just finished her final performance in gymnastics. I was excited that Emily invited me to her program! I got to go to her practice and see how much she had improved, just in a couple weeks! Good job Em!

Last, here is my weight loss update: -16 lbs!!!


ALLFREY said...

Way to go Rose! Keep up the great work.

Camille Cottle said...

YOu are looking fantastic!!!! It is not easy I know:) My boys didn't go on the Priests trip. Jeff took them down on May 27th. THEN, he went again with the priests. He just can't get enough:)