Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Spencer Just turned 12 on Saturday. He spent the first part of his birthday at scout camp. The camp report was that it rained most of the time and it was very crowded because all the scouts from the Payson camp moved in to their camp (Swine Flu scare). Spencer was at a brand new camp in Fairview. They were not ready to have campers. The staff was poorly trained and they didn't have use of the pool because people were paranoid of catching the swine flu. I wouldn't recommend it this year.

Spencer was made a deacon today, so officially I have the most priesthood in our ward: deacon, teacher, priest X2, elder (on loan) and high priest.

Spencer got a new scooter and his other request was for one of these foam pads for his bed. He was very happy for this gift (funny kid!)! He wanted Kraft Mac & Cheese for his special b-day dinner and mint frosting brownies. John spent Saturday fixing up his bike so he would have one that the brakes worked on. Dave and John put the wheels on that never pop and Spencer was a happy birthday boy!

Jake finally let me cut his hair: Before



fern said...

happy birthday spencer! I just noticed the pole and was going t make another comment, then noticed you did! so funny!! have fun back east!

Rose said...

LOL Deer on a stick!