Sunday, June 21, 2009

DC Weekend

Here is the weekend update:

Dave and I got up early Friday morning trying to make it to the 8:00 a.m. session at the Washington DC temple. Our gps tends to get a little confused, telling us to get on the freeway when there is no freeway entrance, or sometimes there is an entrance, but it is closed. Anyways...missed the 8:00, so we did sealings. We met a very nice couple from New Jersey in Zack's mission district. They said they would watch for him and give him a poke for me. We took a short tour of the Visitor's Center (more cool than I expected) and then we headed back to the hotel where we left Jake sleeping. We checked out of our hotel and went to Arlington Cemetary.

This temple had one of the most beautiful celestial rooms I have ever seen! No huge chandelier in the middle. Very exquisite!

We made it just in time to see the changing of the guard and the presentation of 2 wreaths. We also saw Kennedy's burial place. The house of Robert E. Lee was in the middle of the cemetery. Someone decided to bury all these people on his land since he was the one responsible for their deaths.

We found our next hotel and the guys found a 5 Guys Burger place to eat at. I just got a salad and some fruit.

Saturday, we got up early and met cousin Mike Ingram, who drove us to Gettysburg. Bob loaned us his CD's from his trip there, so we took the auto tour and had our own personal tour guide on CD. Jake liked this much better! It was very interesting! Jake loves golf, so Mike took us to hit a few buckets of balls after our tour! Jake was in heaven! Mike gave us all some good golf pointers. I told him I was only there for comic relief. Mary fixed us a very nice dinner and invited cousin Joe and Ellen Ingram over for dinner. We had a great visit! We really enjoyed catching up and getting to know the Ingrams again! They sent us home with some great left overs!

Sunday we got up early (again, much to Jake's demise!)and went to church with cousin Fran. It turned out that was her first time, so I introduced her to the bishop, the missionaries and the RS pres. She said, "Have you met the bishop already?" I told her no, but that doesn't matter, strangers are just friends I haven't met yet! She couldn't believe how "Not shy" I was. In my book, I don't have time to be shy.

Fran made us a lovely lasagna dinner at her lovely house. Then we went over to see cousin Joe and Ellen at their house. They fed us dinner and it was fun to get to know Angela and her three boys (another set of twins in the family). I got lots of fruit and I was loving it! (3 home meals in a row...SWEET!)

One more full day here, then back to Utah!


fern said...

that must be awesome! i can't even comprehend all the history!

Rose said...

Neither can we in a weeks time!