Wednesday, June 17, 2009

DC Trip

I don't know how to download the pics to go with this because I forgot the card reader, but I thought this pic was a good one to share.

Jake really enjoyed his first plane ride! I started getting a little air sick towards the end.

We had a hard time getting Jake out of bed this morning, but we finally got him moving and figured out how to get to the metro. We rode that into DC, then we walked, and walked and walked. It was cool to see all the memorials and we toured the capital, but we were pretty exhausted by the end. The funniest thing I saw was that they charge you $1 to get out of the Metro, after they charge you to ride the Metro. Weird!

Did you know that there is a statue of Brigham Young in the Capital? And they built a tomb to bury Washington in 5 years after he died and his family would not let them take his remains there, so it remains empty?

The architecture of these buildings are amazing and beautiful! I wish I could download some, but I left my card reader home.

Most of the people here are very nice. I would have to say that from what we have seen so far, the Caucasians are definitely the minority here. It seems like 20% or less.

The gps is a life saver, but the only draw back is you don't talk to as many people this way. Well, let's say "I" don't talk to as many people. Jake and Dave would be happy wondering around for hours, "not asking anyone for directions"!

More update to come...

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