Sunday, June 28, 2009

4 Wheelin!

First of all, I am very proud of my Calla Lillies! I love these beautiful flowers and I didn't think I could grow them. I saw the bulbs at Costco and decided to try it. These are the two blooming right now. Fabulous!

I took John and Molly up to American Fork Canyon for a fun 4 Wheeling ride. Molly ran the whole way and loved it. Most of the time she was up front. We picked a bunch of cherries off the tree in the back yard (way too many for us to eat, so if you want some...) Turns out Molly likes cherries. I was sure she would get diarrhea from it, so this run was a good way to clean her out!
I don't know why these pics are coming out so dark. I guess you'll have to click on them to see the detail. This is John, waiting for me, on the way back.

There was a cool stream that followed the road all the way up!

I think Molly is in this picture somewhere. We sure had fun! It was a perfect day for a ride. It had just rained the day before so the dust and mud were minimal. It was a little busy because it was Saturday. I never knew so many people camped up that canyon!

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Sam said...

We took the scouts up there a couple weeks ago and I know exactly where those pictures were taken! I had never been in that canyon before and it is so pretty up there.