Monday, May 25, 2009

Short update...

I know blog updates are boring with no pics, but it just didn't happen this week! I have been finding new racquetball friends to play this week. Dave and I played a couple of guys today and beat them 4 out of 6 games (mostly Dave cause he's awesome at racquetball), but I got a few good shots in.

Friday was our annual trip the the cemeteries with Aunt Belva and Mom. We usually end up in Jerusalem and have lunch with Uncle Jack. I must say I was very impressed with how clean he was keeping his bachelor pad! Even the sinks were clean! He has lost quite a bit of weight since Iona passed, so we took him a pair of overalls to see if they would fit. Mom had to take about 8 inches off the legs and hem them. I guess overalls just aren't big sellers, so it's hard to find the ones that fit and the brand he likes.

Dave tried to fix the 4 wheeler, but I took it for a test drive and it still doesn't work right. John had to come rescue me and tow me home from the sand pit. That was a fun trip!

Dave also tried to replace the bearings in the swamp cooler, now that doesn't work either...0 for 2.

I tried to get an upgrade on our internet and when Qwest fixed it, they really fixed it good. We had no internet or phone until Monday. The boys say it is a lot faster, but I don't really notice a big difference.

Oh ya, I'm not the Primary Chorister anymore, well they haven't announced it yet, so I guess I can't tell you what my new calling is until Sunday. And let's just say they picked someone who won't mess up the music when the kids perform in Sacrament meeting, so big sigh of relief from me. The only sad part of it is that I won't be spending time with Emily teaching her the primary songs anymore. I have really come to love their whole family! Sniff! Even Leo (the dog).


Heaps Family said...

WE will miss you more! You have made a huge impression on our whole that we will ALWAYS cherish! Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! We love you

~Dana said...

I can't remember any of my primary teachers, but I do remember several of my primary choristers... they were the best! I'm sure you will be greatly missed!