Sunday, December 5, 2010


The Christmas Broadcast from the first presidency and the Mormon Tab. was quite nice!  I like cozying up to my fake fire in my fake fireplace with my fake Christmas Tree and listen to a nice Christmas message.

I have all my Christmas parties scheduled and pray that I don't lose my phone because that is where I keep my calendar (I have 9 things scheduled for tomorrow!). 

I have a goal this month to not let myself get caught up in the pity party!  If you catch me complaining about anything this month, please remind me that I'm not welcome at that party anymore!

A few of my friends got together and helped me make a *** for Jake, for Christmas (you never knew when Jake is going to check out my blog...Hi Jake! ).  I was very touched that so many showed many that there wasn't room enough for everyone to help at the same time.  The other gift for me was being able to see and visit with a few sweet friends.  Many hands make quick work so we had it done in no time.  One sweet sister made sure everything was cleaned up and put away before she left and she brought a sweet something to share.  It's a nice Christmas memory that I will not soon forget...well, as old as I'm getting, my mind might forget, but my heart will always remember!

One of the kids in my Primary class asked me..."If Jesus is Mormon, why does he have long hair?"  My answer:  "If Jesus put on a suit, got a short haircut and shaved his face, would you recognize him?"  I'm just saying...

I am grateful to have all my family here around me.  I am grateful that God blessed me with an abundance of awesome friends and neighbors!

Big Hug!


Jill Heaps said...

I am glad to know that I am one of your 9 things on your list! See you soon :)

Rose said...

Jill, you're always on one of my lists! Sometimes it's the naughty list! jk
Awesome to see you again usual!