Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekend Update!

I was successful at not getting any new pics this weekend, so here is one from this summer.

Thanksgiving was nice.  We had it at my mom's church.  I noticed three people who were mom, my cousin Sandra and Jeremy (bro.-in-law).  When I was young (not too long ago), we used to have a talent show at the end of Thanksgiving.  The parents would be in the kitchen putting the final touches on the food and we (the angelic children) would go in the basement, to the primary room and practice singing some songs.  Some of the cousin's would play the piano and some of us would sing.  It was some great memories!  We did a talent program after this year's dinner.  It was fun to see how brave the little ones could be to stand up in front of a crowd and sing their little hearts out.  Fabulous!  Jake's ANC counts were also fabulous, so he got to come with us.  He didn't hang around the bulk of people all of the time (just to play it safe), but all of my boys were there, and that made it a Thankful Day for me!  Good food, good company!

Friday, Jake had some blood drawn and the usual labs done.  Unfortunately, his ANC dropped back down to zero and they wanted to give him a transfusion.  I asked if he could wait until Tuesday, when we come in for chemo.  They said as long as he wasn't too sick or tired it was ok.  I grounded him to the house until far, so good.

We were able to get some of our shopping done this weekend.  We're not the kind to enjoy standing in line, in winter weather for long periods of time to save a few bucks.  Been there, done that.  We did get up and play some fun cause we won, but at the cost of taking a few hits.  We also went out to dinner with some old college friends.  We decided we should get together more often because it took too long to catch up on everything!  We see each other at least once a year, but it's just amazing how much our lives have changed in these past 25 years.  All of our kids are teenagers or older.  Let me just say, I'm grateful for the challenges I face and not anyone elses!

Saturday was the BYU/Utah game.  I love watching the game with avid BYU fans...since I'm not one.  They just loved picking on me the first 3/4 of the me a hard time about the score!  The game ended BYU 16, Utah 17!!!  SWEET!  I wore a nice red skirt to church to silently rub it in a little...not that I'm gloating or anything! ;)  

Sunday brought a lovely snow storm!  We had to move all the cars into the driveway, so it was a pain to get in and out to church, but I love the snow...just not the wind.  I got the tree up and the lights on yesterday...but that's as far as I got with that.  I'm ready to listen to Christmas music now.  I think the radio stations ruin Christmas music for me when the play it all of November and December.  I can only take so much of Rudolph and Santa...same 8 songs by different artists...over and over again.  I am loving singing the songs in choir.  I don't know how the choirs are where you are, but ours is really fun!

Well, thanks for stopping by my blog!  If you could do me one favor...the day you read this, step out of your comfort zone and do a nice thing for someone you would not usually do for.  It's the best prescription for the Holladay, I mean the holiday spirit.

When I think of you, I smile...with a grateful heart.  Even if I've never met you, I think you're awesome for showing up in my life...just by reading a little about mine.

May God bless you and yours this sweet Christmas season!

Big Christmas hug!

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