Thursday, August 19, 2010

Happy to See You!

This was a cool pic of the mountains just north of Provo.  Doesn't it look like a painting (accept for the building at the bottom)?

Mt. Timanogos, same day.

Uncle Jack got a pacemaker put in so he was showing me his "happy-to-see-you face.

This is his I'm-feeling-so-bad-I'm-in-the-hospital look!  Ok, I couldn't click my camera fast enough because he kept cracking up while I was laughing at him!  I think he was mostly happy that he was feeling better!  That makes me happy too! :)

This is my sweet friend, Iva!  This is her happy-to-see-you face!  She is recovering from a stroke.  Her words are more and more clear every day.  We had a nice long visit.  That is saying a lot!  Love you Iva!!!

1 comment:

Sam said...

You should crop the buildings out of both those pictures and frame them. They would look good in your living room.

I wonder what kind of pacemaker Uncle Jack got. We just chopped up our large Cottonwood that fell on Sunday to take to the cabin. I'll have to ask him.