Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chemo: Round 5

Jake goes Hawaiian!
Well, last chemo treatment wasn't so bad.  Nothing real bad happened afterwords, so we are counting our blessings for that.  Radiation started on Monday at the Huntsman Center.  So far, no really bad nausea, just a little around 8:00 p.m.  

Today, radiation and chemo...can you say "Wipe Out!"  I still have to give him shots at night (which he hates) and he has lost 10 lbs, so its hard to find some fat on him to put it in.

Good News:  He is responding well to the chemo and radiation.  The radiation is low dose and the swelling in his leg has gone down nearly completely.
Bad News:  Swelling in other places hasn't gone down at all.

Good News:  Side effects of the radiation and chemo are minimal.
Bad News:  He has to have a blood transfusion tomorrow, but that's normal.
Good News:  I'm thrilled he hasn't had to have any transfusion until now!

Couldn't get through the morning without tears.  Trying to be tough as Jake, but some days...
Jake is my hero!  He is one tough nut, with emphasis on Nut!  He doesn't complain, except when I give him the shots, but not very often.  He is very sweet because I know he is concerned about me.  I always catch him looking to see if there are tears in my eyes.

A huge thanks to those who brought dinner in for my family last Tuesday! Also to those who do the little reminders to us that they are thinking and praying for us.  We so appreciate all the thoughtful gestures, big and small.  I've been surprised at how much strength I personally draw from those that love and support us.  I realize that it's not like having a baby...you don't just express your well wishes once and then she recovers and gets on with living life; it's a longer drawn out process, and getting on with living life like we used to will be much further away than a week or two...if ever.  Thank you for showing me that compassion is appreciated for the long run.  

Oh the lessons we learn when we have to take the bumpy road, huh Jill! :)


Jill Heaps said...

I think it's bumpy to keep us awake! ;) You guys are doing so great. I am so happy to hear the progress Jake is making... celebrate all the good stuff! Love you!

~Dana said...

I like the head wrap!