Thursday, August 5, 2010

Chemo: Round 4

Well, now we know what normal is like.  We haven't gotten the bill yet, but the first hospital bill was enough to make me gasp!  This was the first time that Jake has felt nauseous.  I was feeling pretty nauseous myself this morning.  He has some new pain in his neck, but he says the pain medication is taking care of that.  He was suppose to start his radiation therapy this afternoon, but we rescheduled it until Monday (no need to kick a guy while he's down!).  Then it goes for 28 days.  You always want them to pull through with flying colors, but that doesn't always happen.  His labs weren't too bad, but his ANC was down to .06, which means his ability to fight infection is down.  He is losing his sense of taste.  His cereal did not taste good to him this morning.  I did get him to eat 1/4 of a chicken burrito and a doughnut.  His weight is down a bit. 

How are we feeling?  Jake is tired.  I'm emotional.  I'm near tears if I have to say Jake is not feeling so well out loud.

My heart is breaking for my friend Iva, who just had a stroke, and her daughter, Janine, who is taking over the care for her and her father, and her son is leaving on a mission soon.  Come to think of it, we had some drama just before Zack left on his mission too.  Sometimes it's almost unbearable when you need to be stretched during the challenging times.  It's those times when we go to our peaceful place and let the Lord blow all the challenges off our plate, at least for a little bit and we feel His arms wrapped around us as He brushes the tears away and gives us feelings of encouragement, love and understanding.  Most of all, He gives us peace and the courage to take another breath, open the next door, take the next step, climb the next mountain, always whispering that you're not alone and you can do this.  Then, if you look up instead of down, you see all the tender mercies He has given you and it gives you strength to keep going.


Jill Heaps said...

Hang in there girl!! We are praying for you every day. Jake will have good days again, I promise! We love you!!

Phil said...

Your comment about "sticker shock" for treatments hit home. I did an "Immune Therapy Treatment" for mymelanoma where every 8 hours I received a vial of drugs costing $4000. The cost for one week's drugs was $50000. OMG....nothing wrong with health care coverage in the US!
Our prayers are with Jake.


fern said...

hope you are both feeling better soon!

Rose said...

Yikes Phil! My friend received a shot that was $10,000! What do you do when you need it!

Carl and Pat said...

Touching blog, Rose. Thanks for sharing. This history will be priceless as the years go by. Keep up the good work, and we'll keep you in our prayers.

~Dana said...

I've never seen you so busy! We want to take Spencer with us Wednesday up to the cabin.