Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Transferred Already!

New Address:
505 S Lenola Rd., Ste 124
Moorestown, NJ 08057-1590

Hey Mom!

Happy Veterans Day to you too! If you guessed that I am staying in Princeton, then you're wrong. I guess my grades weren't good enough or something. I'm actually now transferred to Burlington. I'm in the Office. So if you send me anything you can just send it to the regular address and I'll get it(505 South Lenola Rd). Or you can send it 408 Oxford Court Edgewater Park NJ 08010. Which ever I thought it was a little soon to be transferred, but I'll go where President wants me to go. I'm a little bit bummed to have to leave Princeton so soon. We had 2 baptisms lined up that I would have been there for. One is in December, and one is in February. Not bad for being white-washed in and having only been there 2 weeks and 2 days.

Sorry you didn't get the other pictures. Myldsmail is no luxury e-mail system. But, I recently found out that it's getting a major upgrade soon. I think by January I'll be able to use the new system. Hopefully I can send more pictures.

I'm glad Dad had a great birthfday. It sounds like he got to do some fun stuff.Its good that the funeral went well too.

Jake and John still don't have a job? Are they at least going to school or something? What are they doing now? What do they plan on doing with their lives? Are they going to live in the basement until they're 45?

The weather here has been bouncy too. It dipped down to almost freezing last week and it just started to warm up into the 70's a few days ago.

Those are some ferocious looking guard turkeys! Do they bite? I think they'll do a great job for a couple of weeks before they start to get lazy.

Tell Uncle Bob I said Happy Birthday!

Give Kyle a big ol' bear hug for me will ya? I'll need Elder Joyner's MTC address. I need JC's too. (DONE)

Tell Beth I said congrats! (new baby)

And tell Jake that he's MORE precious.

My new companion is Elder Packer. I've known Elder Packer vaguely through out the mission. I see him once in a while. He's from Texas. He speaks English and Spanish. He has relatives in Southern Mexico. He's pretty cool so far as I can tell.

Oh and I'm in a 5-man apartment. It's Me and Elder Packer(the Office Elders), and then Elder Gleed, Elder Clifford, and Elder Haslam(The APs) It's gonna be fun. It's my first not-a-two--man apartment.

So yeah I think that's it.

Love ya!


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