Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dave's B-day N stuff

Happy 52nd Birthday Dave! I had to attend a funeral for my Aunt Elva all day, so we celebrated earlier in the week. Thursday, we went to dinner with Dave's family at the Texas Roadhouse. It was a little loud, but the food was great.

Friday a.m. was the Racquetball Gang Breakfast. Good food, Good friends! Dave got a new racket for his birthday! Watch out!

John, Anna, Leon, Wendy, Doug, Julie, Me and Dave. We just got done playing racquetball and here we are in all our sweaty glory! I got up early and fixed most of the breakfast and put it in a warmer to keep until we got back. We whipped up some eggs when we got home. I cooked sausage, bacon, blueberry muffins, chocolate muffins, cinnamon rolls, hash browns and eggs. We also had fruit and bagels, but everyone was too full to eat those. There was apple juice, orange juice, milk and chocolate milk. Best breakfast in town!
Doug and Anna

John and his "girlfriend" Lizzy (Doug's other daughter)

Leon & Wendy (John in the background)

Doug & Julie Ahlstrom

Big fire we passed on the way home from Idaho. I'm driving 80 mph and my mom hands me the camera. Don't worry, I made her take the picture!(Oh wait, I already told you about this!) I wish I would have thought to get a picture of the lone cow we saw on a hill in the middle of nowhere, no other cow in sight for miles. I'm thinking he woke up and said, "Hey, what the...! Not funny guys!"

Here's the update from Zack... He's going to Princeton! hehe

Hey mom!

T's going good. Hows about yous guys?

Getting along pretty well. He's a little bit trunky, but we get things done. He goes home in 45 days.

Princeton campus is in our area. In fact, we were just there yesterday street contacting. It's very beautiful. Some of the buildings look like castles. It makes me feel like I'm in London or something. The leaves are almost all off of the trees so everything is starting to look dead.

Now I see why they have you wear eye protection. Can you still see out of that eye? I hope your eye gets better soon!

That's sad about aunt Elva, drive safe!

Tell Dad I said Happy Birthfday.

This week was good. We went down to Camden on Sunday for a baptism that Elder Edgar and his companion, Elder McGee prepared before the switch. The Watt family has been mostly bapatized by Elder Edgar. They were really nice and bought us some groceries the day before to take home with us. We've been trying to visit some potential investigators, but haven't had much success. We're looking for investigators. This ward seems to be pretty missionary-minded, so hopefully, we can get some referralls to start teaching.

Stay warm and hope your eye feels better!



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Dustin and Arianne said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry to hear about your aunt...glad you made it safely.