Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zack attack!

Zack said he took this picture today! Isn't technology great!

Hey Mombly!

You're favorite missionary is doing well. Still have all four limbs and my head attached to my torso. lol

I enjoyed the 4th of July! It was very fun! Most of our Zone went up to Camden to watch the fireworks in Philadelphia. We were up on the roof of the Victor (the fanciest hotel in all the land of Camden). You could see for miles up there! We saw fireworks constantly going off all around us, but most of them were too far away to watch. I took some pictures and some video. The sunset was gorgeous! It was a deep crimson. Everyone brought snacks too, or was supposed to bring snacks. No body told us, so we didn't bring any. There were 11 missionaries in the elevator on the way home! Someone called for the elevator on our way down and saw us all in there. We offered to make room for them, but I guess they felt a little intimidated and they decided to wait for the next elevator.

That would be so cool if you could send me some music! I'd like to learn some hymns. I actually told Bro. Grykin, who gave me the guitar, that I would play him a song with the guitar he gave me. He asked me to learn and play How Great Thou Art. I can only play one note at a time, but I've tried to play with chords, and I can't figure out which chords to play. I thought you just play the chord of the first note in the measure, but it sounds weird to me. I learned how to play If You Could High To Kolob using only chords. I'm probably not playing it quite right, but it sounds right. I would be happy with what ever music you send me. Whether it's hymns or primary songs, I just want to learn something.

I got transferred today to Glassboro with Elder Beeston. He is a cool guy! We came out at the same time. We'll be going to the Manhattan temple next Wednesday. We'll spend Tuesday night at the mission home and we'll leave at 6:30am. A little early for me, but it'll be worth it. Oh and I'm in a car area so I don't need to buy a bike just yet.

Pictures: me and Elder Tregaskis (The most recent picture taken today). He will be home in Orem Utah tomorrow. He was my very first Zone Leader. He, like Elder Quatel, also liked the picture that you sent of Melissa. He said he would look her up when he got home, but we'll see.

Well my time is pretty much up. I'll tell you more about Glassboro next week.

Peace like a river!



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