Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweet Reunion!

Well, we enjoyed a Sweet reunion/camp out at the Clear Creek Ranch near Zion's National Park this weekend. Our truck was heating up on the drive down, so we had to take the long, slow 6 hour drive down. Still, the temperature at the ranch was very pleasant...not too hot.
Nephew Mark, took us on an interesting hike. It was suppose to end at a cool place we could swim and had water falls, but this one was very challenging and HOT! This is John at the bottom of the hike.

Some of our fellow hikers: Audrey, Elizabeth, Jessica, Emily, Russ, James, Rod and his dog. Perhaps you can't get the gist of just how steep a climb this was from these pics, but we started beyond the tops of the cliffs you see in the background.
It was so hot! Had I known it was going to be 103, I would not have come. Sam was a trooper and carried Cameron down this steep trail.
There were herds of froggies all over in the stream. This is Carson and Nick showing two of them. Carson actually kissed a frog while he was down there! I don't know if he's going to get warts on his lips or he was hoping for a prince!
Chelsie and I got our hands in some prickly cactus, so I hiked back with my sandals on my hands. I didn't have to grab on to any rocks hiking back up, but it did save my hand from falling on more cactus on the return hike.

Weeping Rock hike.This is what the kids had to put up with the whole hike! No wonder they have grumpy faces in some of the pics.

I can't believe I didn't get pics of the camp. There was canoing, fishing, ping pong, some of the group played frisbee. Most of the young kids loved the canoing part. Dallin even went out in a canoe and played target while Adam shot at him with a paintball gun...silly boys!

Jeff and James fell off the motercycle and got hurt. I told them they will have to be restricted to the 4 wheelers, until the can graduate to the 2 wheelers!

It was fun to see everyone! I counted 48 people in all, there. The only ones missing were Tera and her family, Jean, Angela, Syd and Zack.

Note to family: FYI-the conversation of me saying mom only had me to all the chores was a conversation that happened when I was 13.

A note I got from Zack, just before we left for our trip.
Dear Whamly Family,

...I'm glad that I came on my mission. It's hard to believe I've been on my mission for over a year! Where has the time gone?!? Looking back, I see that if I didn't go on a mission I would have been a total bum. I would have dragged my feet and wandered aimlessly. You know it's weird to say this, but I'm kind of scared to go home. I've gotten so used to missionary life. It's great! I'd do it all over again if I could. I'm just going to enjoy it while I can and work my butt on.

Ruth (pet spider) is doing good. She kind of got aggressive the other day. We fed her a fly and 2 moths at the same time and she ate them all within 24 hours. We went to clean her cage and she jumped out in attack mode so we put her back in and closed the cage for a while until she calmed down. We challenged the other missionaries in our District to find a spider so that the spiders could fight. I don't think they've found anything yet. Even if they did, I think Ruth would win. Ruth is black with a yellow diamond on her butt. Can you tell me what kind she is?

Elder Beeston taught me how to solve a Rubix cube. Elder Okamoto told us to do something to build more unity between our companion for 5 minutes every day. So Elder Beeston and I solve the Rubix cube moving one piece to the right place and then handing it off to the other person. We've gotten pretty good. So far our top combined time is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. It is very intense.

This week went to Cowtown as a district. It was good. It brought back good memories. After Cowtown Elder Okamoto and I went to visit Sis. Carter in Woodstown because we heard that she found a boy friend and she's getting married in the temple. I was very surprised when Elder Okamoto told me that. But she wasn't home and she didn't answer the phone so we just left her a note.

I got to paint a room on Monday at the McNaughton's. That brought back good memories as well. It reminded me of painting at Aunt Joyce's house. Except I didn't have to clean up afterwords. They fed us lunch before and it was delicious.

Well we have to go do stuff now.



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