Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi, from Zack/Elder Holladay

Hey Momarooney!

My trip to the temple was awesome! We all met at the mission home the night before and we stayed there for the night. We woke up at 5AM because we had to leave at 6:30AM. We had breakfast in the car on the way there. We had 8 missionaries in our group with Sis. and Prez Winegar and I think their neice(I think her name was Shauna)?. Me, Elder Beeston, Elder Mann, Elder Morales, Elder Sundwall, Elder Marchant, Elder Pena, and Elder Haslam. I took tons of pictures! It took forever to get there, so I slept some of the way there. I would have slept the whole way there, but the roads in New Jersey are horrible. We got there a little early so we hit up Central Park and I think it was the Warner Brothers Building not too far. We still had some extra time so we also hit up Broadway and Times Square! It was totally awesome. Then we went to the Manhattan Temple, which is awesome by itself. It was a great experience. Oh and we listened to a talk on the drive up about symbolism. It was very interesting. After we got finished at the Temple we went to the distribution center and I got 2 pairs of g's. Driflex I think it was. Supposed to keep me dry. I thought it would go well in this humid state. So I decided to try it. I also bought some postcards from a street vendor. After we left the Temple we went to Olley's for lunch. It was a chinese restaraunt. They had good food and their service is pretty dang fast. After lunch we went to see The Statue of Liberty. The back side. Then we went home. We didn't get back to our appartment until 9PM. It was a long and exhausting day. I think that we might have been in the temple at the same time, but I'm not sure. I'd have to check the time on my camera because I was still taking pictures up until we went in. So yeah that's why I didn't get around to Emailing yesterday. We didn't have time to do anything yesterday so our P-day got moved to today, but we still have to go to our appointments.

Elder Beeston is from Tuscon Arizona. He has 1 brother and 4 sisters. He is a little shorter than I am, but he is a lot more in shape. He is the second oldest I think. He is a funny fellow. We get a long great. We have a spider in captivity that we named Ruth. We catch the bugs that get in our apartment and feed them to her.

The missionary work here is doing good. We have 3 investigators that are very close to being ready for baptism. They've been taught almost everything. Terri Teneli(sp?) has been taught everything, but she thinks that she has to be perfect in everything before her baptism. We're going to try to correct her train of thought. We have Emily who has also been taught everything, but she's afraid that her family will disown her. If she can get over that, she'll be ready. Her dad said he was proud of her that she was going to church with her friend(member). We also have Sunny. She has been taught nearly everything, but she has a smoking addiction. So we've got our work cut out for us.

I got the music book on saturday I think. I was very surprised at the speedy delivery. Especially because I didn't know what my address is so I couldn't give it to you. Thank you so much! I have already used it a few times. Elder Okamoto wants me to practice with him because he has the same book so I can play the guitar while he plays the piano.

That's all I can remember that I have to report this week.

Love ya!
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fern said...

zack sounds great! what a cool experience to go to ny and the temple!

Rose said...

Yes, I'm jealous he has been to a temple I haven't seen yet! (and I want to see the Statue of Liberty)