Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Zack attack!

Dearest Mother (Mom),

Haddon Heights is pretty cool! There is a little bit of every class here. The ghetto part is more toward Camden (go figure). Elder Quatel is pretty awesome. He teaches me random useless skills sometimes. (ex. pen twirling) We get along pretty well. I still write letters to Elder Okamoto lol. (I've not been doing so well in the 'letters' department =/) We've been pretty busy this last week so I still haven't been able to send the package. I will most definitely send it before this weekend though. FYI thus far I've been in Woodstown, Pennsville, Bordentown, and Haddon Heights.

I was surprised myself, that my pants didn't fit me any more. I didn't think I had gained that much weight... I looked this morning though, and I weigh 170-ish which is probably closer to the weight I should be at, given my height, although it does fluctuate between 170 and 160 so I weigh some where in there give or take a few pounds... Don't ask me how that works because I have no idea. I went out and bought some pants that was just a size bigger 34X36 (or was it 36X34?) I think it was the former...which ever it was I went up in width and length one size. Fits pretty nice. the length is just a little bit too long, but I improvise.

We have a few people that are preparing for baptism. Sis. Hand (who feeds us every Sunday) has a granddaughter, Jennifer, and her boyfriend, Shawn, who seem very interested. We just met them last Sunday and Jennifer already expressed a great interest in being baptized. She said that she already knows that this is the true church. She used to go to church with Sis. Hand when she was little. Jennifer and Shawn are in their early 20's I think. However they have some problems that we need to talk to them about so we will have to work with them and see what happens. We also have 2 others that already have a baptismal date for April 5th. One is Hector and I haven't met Robert yet. Hector is pretty cool he takes notes when we teach him. I think he is pretty solid. I think there is one problem we have to tell him about and I think he will be ready.

I got to take my jacket off last weekend! I was very excited for that. The weather was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold. I hate wearing a jacket when I'm on a bike because it acts like a parachute and I have to pedal harder to keep my momentum.

WHAT? JAKE AND JOHN ARE GOING ON A DATE?????????? HOW CAN THIS BE? Their FIRST date! WOW! I can't believe it.... I hope to receive a very detailed report back on how it goes! This is BIG NEWS! I'm excited for them! I hope they take lots of pictures (or maybe the girls will take lots of pictures if J&J
don't). Congratulations to Logan!

Kyle looks good in the pic! I think he looks better with shorter hair. Actually I wrote to him about it in my return letter. Did he get my letter BTW? Sometimes I get paranoid that the mail lost my letters and they never get to where I send them... I actually found a scripture in the bible about men having long hair... I can't remember the reference but I'm pretty sure it's in the New Testament. I will send it with my letter and package.

Also: One of our investigators, Ken, said that he would take us to the aquarium in Camden on a P-day! Elder Quatel showed me some pics and it looks Awesome! I want to go pet the sharks! I also heard that you can swim with the sharks for a low low price of just $149! If only I had an extra $149 that I didn't need.... I will definitely take lots of pictures of that. I forgot my pictures today... (oops!) I put the 4GB card in my camera because it can take pictures faster, but the computer won't read it so I have to transfer the pictures onto my camera and then onto one of the smaller cards and I didn't do it this morning. Sorry I'll try to remember next week. =S

If I can get away with cutting my own hair, I will. No sense in wasting money...

Well I gotta go finish up some letters!

Zack (attack)

Note from mom: I'm pretty sure he's not allowed to go swimming with sharks on his mission, so please do not start up a collection to allow him this fantasy!

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he sounds like he is doing great!!