Thursday, March 26, 2009

More NJ news!

Hey mom!
The truck Looks good! I wonder who is going to be driving it. You have the van, Dad has his Honda, Jake and John have the white car.... Oh! Looks like there's only one person who doesn't have anything to drive... ME! LOL! The license plate says "Z19". It is obviously meant for me since my name starts with 'Z' and I'm 19 years old. I mean it just makes sense! I am so blessed to have such loving and generous parents! Of course I will wait till next year to drive it, seeing as it is over 2500 miles away.

Mike isn't scared of the four-wheelers anymore? Wow! I'm impressed that he learned at such an early age too. It sounds like it was the perfect day to go four-wheeling.

I'm pretty excited for Hector's Baptism. I hope all goes well. If you want to get technical though, I was referring to the fact that I hadn't baptized anyone ON MY MISSION/ in New Jersey. So technically I haven't baptized any one yet. However I plan on doing many baptisms after I get translated. lol

We finally cleaned out that ol' apartment. It took us a few hours. We had to clean everything well enough to eat off of it(but we didn't eat off of it because then we would have had to clean it again). I got to clean the refridgerator this time. I never realized how nasty everything was because it hadn't been cleaned that well in probably a decade. I was kind of hoping that we could linger longer and stop by Sis. Parke and Sis. Phillips one final time, but they weren't home and if we did stop we wouldn't have time to do emails. We did see Sis. Phillips when we were getting on the train, but we couldn't stop and chat because the train wouldn't wait for us so we just waved and left. I know how to clean an apartment when I have to close them. We had Sis. Winegar, Sis. Johnson and Elder Johnson and then Elder Davis and I. It took us about 3 hours with the 5 of us. It probably would have taken even longer if it was just me and Elder Davis like I thought it would be. I'm glad that Sis. Winegar and Elder and Sis. Johnson helped us when they didn't have to.

Today, my companion bought a GPS to mount on his bike. He had a 75 dollar gift card at Target so he went and bought a GPS so he wouldn't have to use a map.He said that he's going to sell his bike for $200 with the GPS so that he can buy an Ipod when he gets home. I told him good luck. We will see what happens. We have an exchange coming up and I look forward to trying out his new GPS.

I'm pretty excited about General Conference coming up! Who do you think will be next in the twelve apostles? I think Elder Christensen, one of the presidents of the quorum of the seventy. I've learned from last year that if you have a question you want answered and you pray and feel good about it, then at least one of the General Authorities will answer your question. I've only tried it once and it worked so I'm going to do it again. I feel like I get so much more out of General Conference when I have a question I would like answered.

Well I gotta go. We still have to eat dinner. Sorry it took so long to send this email, but it was a hectic day.


PS poke mike for me will ya?

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