Saturday, March 21, 2009

Weekend in Jerusalem

So we took our 4 wheelers down to Uncle Jack's to test drive them before we hauled them too far away from home. This is Dave giving Michael his first driving lesson.
This is Uncle Jack's new dog, Collie (black & white pup). She is just a pup, but every time we would go riding, the dogs would follow and Collie would try to herd Molly the whole way! It was hilarious to watch!

Dave & Uncle Jack

Jake using a grocery bag full of suckers for a back pack. lol

Mike on his first solo ride.

We had a blast riding around in the beautiful weather!
Friday night we had yummy home made Chicken Noodle soup with bread sticks and brownies, then we played cards with Uncle Jack all night. We had a lot of laughs playing spoons!
Good times!


Rachel Elison said...

Sounds like a blast!!! I would have loved that!!

~Dana said...

Looks like fun!