Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NJ, This just in...!

Hey Mom da Bomb!

We've got a pan (I think) to cook the brownies in as well as the oil. I just have to make it. We're working on cleaning out our food because we're leaving next week. Everything that we don't eat or take with us will be given to the Sisters so we're trying to eat all of the good stuff first.

How do you sing "I hope they call me on a mission" cowboy style? Thats a good idea for the Nosey-bagpipes! I'll have to show that to primary here and see what they think.

Thats pretty cool that you won all that stuff! You should enter more contests/drawerings! Have fun in the cold!

Hey, do you remember before I left on my mission, that you said that you'd buy some books from the missionary library(Jesus The Christ, Our Heritage, etc) for me if I wanted and I said no thanks? Is that deal still valid?

I'm not sure where I'm going still. I haven't gotten any emails or calls from president telling me where I'm going. I think I might get a call tonight though. I don't mind the biking. We have one of those pillow massager's and I just put those on my thighs when they're sore and then they're not sore any more. Me and Elder Davis are having a competition to see who goes where in the mission. We're doing it for all the missionaries not just us. We try to predict who gets transfered, where they go, and who their new companion will be. I think that people are going to get moved around a lot this transfer. I was actually kind of surprised that Prez. didn't just send an email.

I would love to poke every one in sight, but in my little white bible it says that I can't because I'm a missionary. So I've had to learn how to expand my poke-reserves. Plus I've found that poking my companion is just not as satisfying as poking Brothers. My companions don't scream like little girls when I poke them. They just give me funny looks. So as you can see, there is no need for them to volunteer such a inconceivable idea.

I'm glad that Jake has covered that department of scaring people as they come around the corner. Maybe he'll even surpass me at it, which I wouldn't mind. I'd be proud of him. Now you just need to get him to do all the other stuff too.

JC's going on a mission now? YAAHOO! I wonder where he'll go... I'm thinking somewhere in South America where he could use his Spanish skillz. or maybe Spain.... This is awesome! I'm way excited for him! what if he comes to New Jersey? that would be cool!

Well times up and I still have one more email to write. gotta go!

Lots of love,


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