Saturday, February 7, 2009

More Missionary news

Hey Mom!

NO WAI! I can't believe you actually bought some 4-wheelers! How did you get them home? How are you going to keep them dry? What's the big idea of buying all of this fun stuff after I leave?
You might be able to put them on the side of the house if you can fit them through the gate.

I'm glad you guys enjoyed the Fazookas! I ate some last night for dessert actually. It was mighty tasty! You might also try it with different flavored ice creams and toppings. I've had it with vanilla ice cream and fudge topping and then with mint chocolate chip ice cream and caramel topping. Both were delicious.

Keep practicing spencer!

So lately I've been riding my bike a lot. I think that by the end of my mission, I'll have quads of steel. We don't have very many investigators in this area so lately we've been doing a lot of tracting. We have 4 investigators at the moment. There's Lori, who is the closest to baptism. She has been taught all of the lessons, but she has to come to church 3 times in a row before we can baptize her so we're trying very hard to get her to church. Last Sunday she didn't make it be cause she was sick.Then there is Laura whom I haven't met yet. I guess she doesn't really count since we lost contact with her and we don't know how to regain contact except through her sister who won't return our calls. Then there is Erika(different Erika lol). She's been pretty busy lately but we have an appointment this week. And last but not least, there's Ennette who was a referral from church headquarters. We've taught her about the restoration and we have a return appointment this week to teach about the plan of salvation.
So basically we've just been busy tracting...
OH! and one of the members at church said that there are racket ball courts on the military base. So now I just have to get someone to give us a ride one of these P-days so we can go play...

Well gotta go!

Lots of Love (and hugs[and pokes for Mike]),

Elder Holladay

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