Monday, February 23, 2009

Missionary News

Hey Mom!

Yes I got the package! Thank you so much! I'm actually wearing one of the shirts you sent me right now! and the cookies are gone already. I'll have to write a letter to Michael and thank him for "keeping me sane".

Good luck with the Sr. Primary! You'll probably have to get on the more creative side to get and keep their attention.

The bathroom looks great! I like the artwork. I think the colors match with the tiles. looks good!

Congratulations! You're Winner! What are you going to do with your prizes? Gonna take Dad out on a 3 day get away? gonna go skiing?

I found out that President is closing Bordentown at the end of this transfer. That means that I'll be transfered somewhere else. I don't know where yet, but I think that I'll find out next week. This area has been kind of tough. Our teaching pool has slowly been shrinking despite all our finding efforts. We had to drop some of our investigators because they wouldn't progress.
Oh and I forgot to tell you that I cut my hair a few weeks ago....BY MY SELF! Well actually, I had to have Elder Davis help me do the back because it was hard to see back there. I think it turned out pretty good. I didn't take any pictures though because I was kind of in a hurry when I did it and then I never thought about it afterwards.
Did I tell you that there was a bomb scare in our apartment complex? We were visiting Sis. Parke who lives a few doors down from us, and we looked out side and we wondered, "hmmmm. I wonder whats going on over there...." Then later, Sis. Phillips-who lives right next door to Sis. Parke- came in and said that there was a guy down on the other side of the complex that had some materials that he could make explosives out of. We weren't really scared because the guy was located more than 200 yards away and there were police between him and us. The next morning we found out that the guy didn't really have any explosive material. It turns out that one of the maintenance men was in there fixing something and he started snooping around and found some stuff that might have looked dangerous and then called the cops. So we weren't in any danger at all. I think that's pretty much all that's new.

Well times about up. Type to ya next week!

Love ya much,


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