Friday, January 23, 2009

New Jersey News!

Good Evening, Mom!

I've actually been feeling a little under the weather lately, so I didn't get around to sending the package until yesterday. Sorry. :/

How did you get the fire place to fit? and where did you put it? and what color is it? and how many USB ports does it have? Gas or electric?

So I'm Here. In Bordentown. Sitting at a computer in the library. Typing. An Email. To you.

I put my (formerly Elder Okamoto's) bike together and noticed that it needs a little bit of work. luckily there's a bike shop nearby that likes missionaries, so I'll probably stop there for a tune up.

At Transfer meeting today, Elder Nash, my district leader from when I was in Woodstown, who has one transfer left, was so generous he gave me a nice leather jacket to wear since I won't be able to wear the trench coat on the bike. I'm wearing it right now actually. its quite comfortable. not to mention stylish.

So Elder Davis, whom I had worked with during my early days as a missionary, is from St. George. He is also the new district leader. He actually used to be Elder Nash's companion when I first got here.

We have a senior couple in our district, Elder and Sister Johnson. And we have some sisters as well Sis. Carter and her Greeny. And then Me and Elder Davis. so 6 missionaries total in our district.

The area of Bordentown is about as big as Pennsville and Carneys Point put together. Its not that big when compared to my old area.

After I finish my email, we'll probably go to the store so I can get some thermals. and some other stuff for keeping warm while on the bike.

There's no washer and dryer IN the apartment, but there is a dishwasher! and the washer and dryer are around the corner somewhere, I haven't found it yet...

I noticed that the snow stays on the ground here, which makes me excited because now it actually feels like winter! YAY!

Well I gotta go! Times up!


Elder Holladay


Anonymous said...

What is Elder Davis' home ward?
- Shauna

Rose said...

I don't know. I posted all the information about Elder Davis that Zack gave me.