Sunday, January 11, 2009

Good-bye Iona

We started the weekend by attending the funeral of my Uncle Jack's 2nd wife, Iona. She was in the van on a trip to Cedar City or St. George and watching "27 Dresses" with her grandkids. She had a heart attack and passed peacefully while doing what she loved, traveling and being with family. She was a very sweet lady. We will miss her.

I looked out the door and there was Jake in his church clothes chipping away at the ice-laden driveway. It's quite the speed-bump since the city pushed their slushy mess into our driveway. We are happy they plow our road so it's not so bumpy to drive down. Guess we should have cleared the slush before it froze!

I got to meet my new Primary class today! Just like my last class, they all came to find me right after Sacrament Meeting was over. I feel like a hen gathering my little chicks. They are adorable and I am looking forward to having them in my class this year!

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Camille Cottle said...

I sure don't like it when people pass away but she sure seemed like a wonderful woman. You are a wonderful primary teacher.