Saturday, January 24, 2009

As Sisters In Zion...

We had our yearly Woman's Conference today. Every year they never cease to amaze me of the wonderful, inspiring speakers they get to come and the amazing music talent we have in our stake! I guess everyone in Lehi knows about it because there was not one parking spot open at the stake center or any nearby street.

Sister Mariama Kallon, from West Africa, was the keynote speaker. She told of her scary childhood, how she didn't really live, but waited to die moment to moment. Everyone in her family was killed and she had to watch as her sister's legs were cut off. Then she was taken in by a friend's family who lived next to a mormon family. She was invited to church and saw that each had hope in their countenance. She talked about the humanitarian kits that she had received as a member and how she shared everything in the kit with other woman. She had the reminants of her kit with her and kept it as a reminder of what she went through and to show others, what the kits meant to the people who got them. She talk of her half-sister who received a school bag and how they broke the pencils into little pieces so more children could have something to write with. Then she shared every piece of paper and the children would erase the paper everyday until there was nothing left to write on. She said she was given a blanket, but had to soon give it up for a woman to be buried in.

It was so touching to hear her story. After the meeting we gathered at our ward house to put together humanitarian kits and many of the sisters whipped up about 10 quilts to send...all in about an hours time. We put the kits together until we ran out of supplies. The church was so packed with sisters, there were sisters out in the hall way folding towels to put in the kits.

It's amazing what a few willing hands can do! If you only heard this sister's story, every ward in the world would be flood the shipping indutstry with humanitarian kits so no child or person would have to suffer the way these people are suffering now. Next time you have the opporutnity to give to the humanitarian aid, reach into your wallet and give all you have!

Click below to see her story!

Sister Kallon's story

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