Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And It Came to Pass...

Looks like Elder Holladay is getting disparate for investigators!

Yes Elder Okamoto Finished the painting. I'm going to the post office today to get a box to send it to you. I think I will also send back some shirts that don't fit me any more. (they shrunk a bit) I still have plenty of shirts to wear every day, so don't worry about me not having enough shirts.
Well there wasn't much going on last week, but lots happened this week. Teryl Cain got baptized on Sunday. We've been doing lots of walking (about 2-3 hours or more each day) since last week because Prez. Winegar said that he was going to cut everyone's miles because they went over.(we only went over ONE mile!) so I've been getting lots of exercise. We go to Cowtown every Saturday and try to find people to teach. The last few times that we've gone, we've given out a lot of stuff which has all but extinguished our supply of supplies. Last night, we got transfer calls. I'm going to Bordentown with Elder Davis. Its in the north west part of the mission, just south of Trenton. I've worked with Elder Davis before, so I think we'll get along fine. OH! and it's a bike area, so I'll still get plenty of exercise. Elder Okamoto said that he would let me have his bike since he didn't need it. so yeah... Keepin busy.
We've got apartment inspections in about an hour, so we were cleaning this morning before Emails.Tonight we have a dinner appointment with one of the members who is going to take us to a Japanese restaurant. all you can eat sushi I think. Then we're going to play basketball with the ward, which I am very excited about. The last 3 or 4 P-days, we weren't able to play basketball because we had other appointments to go to.
I'm still learning Japanese. Elder Okamoto found some Japanese pamphlets and a Japanese planner that he gave to me. Since I have the exact same thing in English, I think it will be easier to learn Japanese. But at the same time it will be more difficult when I move to Bordentown, because I will no longer have language study, and I'll have to learn Japanese on P-days.
I'm kind of looking forward to being transferred, and I'm kind of not. I'm excited to go out meet new people, teach new people, baptize new people, explore new places, but at the same time, I'll miss some of the people here in Woodstown ward.
I learned how to make a Fazooka! (sp?) Its basically the best desert ever. it involves cookie dough and ice cream, so you KNOW its good. I think I'll have some later today actually...
Well I gotta go! so many emails, so little time...
Elder Holladay, your favorite son on a mission


sam said...

Ahhhh, the old mish! I'm glad life doesn't have tranfers, but I am glad life still has basketball.

fern said...

sounds like he's doing great!