Saturday, November 29, 2008

Zack Notes

Hey mom!
I am so very grateful to have a washer and dryer. I can do laundry any time I need it instead of having to wait for Wednesdays. AND I save $20 a month. AND we have a dishwasher. Cleaning Dishes by hand got old after the first dish... However, on Saturday, we discovered that our kitchen sink has a leak where it connects from the drain to the pipe. I cleaned up the mess and we told management about it so hopefully it gets fixed this week. Oh, and the tile in the bathroom was repaired when we got there, so there's no hole there any more.
I go on 2-3 exchanges every transfer. Its just for the day. Its a good learning experience. So far I've gone on 2 exchanges and have one more with Elder Nash. Elder Okamoto was in Mantua; a little further north.
Flight to NY: oh nice! Hope the flight was somewhat pleasant. Though you had a lot more options for entertainment than I did. maybe you could rentacar for a day or something?

Painting my room green: Green? Why green? OH! That reminds me! Sis. Schultz is a painter. She painted her walls and they look really cool! Wish I took a picture... She made it look like there was leaves on the wall, but it was just one color and one roller. I was pretty impressed. I'll have to see if she'll send you an email or something. Any ways... As I was saying... Green? like NEON Green? Its just YOUR bedroom right? cuz that would hurt my eyes hurt just thinking about it...
So my room is vacant then?
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: T.O.S. Doesn't sound pleasant. maybe if we pull your arms one way, and your legs the other way, you'll get taller and then your nerves will naturally get un-bunched up?
Is this the same "Jake" that I left at home? Has he stopped playing Computer too?
Actually I'm "in" the ward choir too. I figured since I'm already there, I might as well learn how to sing... I'm learning the bass line. I didn't know the difference between "alto" "soprano" "tener" and " bass" before I went to the ward choir, but now I do.
What did you talk about with Emily? How's she doing? Is she out of the hospital yet?
You learned how to make rolls? I thought you just took them out of the bag, and put them on a pan and put them in the oven and cook 'em. You learned how to make them from scratch? sounds like a tedious job to me, though I'm sure the benefits outweigh the costs.
John taught his class at school? Did his class go with him to help aunt Joyce? Dad's usually a pro at that kind of stuff. unlike the "pro's", apparently.
So we FINALLY got in contact with RJ on monday. Apparently, he had purchased a "Mormon Encyclopedia" that was not published by the church, and he was reading in there and he believed a lot of it. the book that he purchased talked about stuff like "God was a man" and "God lives on Kolob with his wives"(yes that was plural), "the garden of eden is in missouri", "the flood only covered the American Continent", "Men can become like Gods" and the list went on about really deep topics. RJ didn't like most of the stuff in there, he said it was too much and he got upset that we "didn't tell him up front" about this kind of stuff. I told him that if it doesn't have the logo of the church on it, then we don't most likely don't teach it. So I told him that we'd do some research and we'd get back to him on sunday. We told him that the book he got was the authors interpretation of the scriptures. So hopefully we can get things cleared up soon.
We are also teaching a man by the name of Wayde. We picked him up from the sisters. He's a mechanic in Elmer. When we went to go meet with him, he showed us some papers containing Anti-Mormon material that he got from his pastor and he asked us some questions about it. I was so glad that he asked us about it instead of believing everything his pastor tells him. I've gone through and corrected the papers with scriptures. we're meeting with him tonight for dinner. Hopefully all goes well.
well Gotta go!
Elder Holladay

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