Thursday, November 13, 2008

Address Change

Elder Zack Holladay
150 West Ave., Apt. 202
Woodstown NJ 08098

OH. I should probably tell you that since I moved, my address is different (yet the same) I'm back in the hillcrest apartments, # 202. We will probably only be there for 4 weeks [so says prez.] till some sisters move back in.
Also, Since Christmas is coming up, The mission office told me to tell you that they want you to send mail and packages directly to the apartment so that the mission office doesn't get congested with mail. so yeah. Message passed.

Still no snow. we've had lots of clouds and a little bit of rain, but no snow. :/
Gas is down to $1.93 last I saw.

Well, RJ disappeared. haven't been able to establish contact with him for about a month now. Lets see... The Hermanas got "emergency transferred" to Toms river because someone up there had to go home for medical reasons. So now we have the whole ward to ourselves again. AND We get their investigators. We've got quite a few people that we're going to try to baptize this transfer. hopefully we'll be able to baptize some of the Hermana's Investigators so they can come down and see us again. We moved into their apartment today. They left us some interesting "presents"/treasures. Sis. Gleed forgot to empty a drawer in her desk. They also left a big bag of clothes and shoes. and they left other various random objects, some of which we've still yet to identify. so that's another reason we want them to come back. so they can take all the junk they left us back with them. that's pretty much it right now.

Elder Holladay

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