Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave!

Well, this is a little late, but Dave turned 51 on Friday, November 7th! Me and the boys were working for Joyce, but we stopped and Grandma Holladay treated us to a fabulous lunch at TGI Fridays! We were too full from lunch to have a spectacular dinner, so we saved it for Saturday's dinner. I did make him a yummy chocolate cake with fudge frosting (no really, the frosting tastes like grandma Sweet's fudge!) So ya, we had chocolate cake and milk for dinner! (Come on! There's eggs and flour in the cake! Milk is good for you!) lol. Dave was thrilled with the gun part he ordered for his birthday and spent most of the day putting it on his AR-15. A thrill a minute!

I have been painting and painting this week. I got all the living room done (except my yellow wall). I was hoping to get it finished this weekend, but my family was insisting I go shopping for groceries and I did a little Christmas shopping, which my boys are going to freak when they open it! (sorry Zack! You'll have to make do with what's coming in the mail soon). The bathroom is back to working order, Yeah!! I need to put some finishing touches on the trim and paint the door. Still waiting for the shower door, but the end is insight!

I found some cheap tickets to New York, so I'm taking a quick trip to see my dad, uncles and aunt. I usually don't go this often (once a year), but for some reason, I feel the need. I'm really hoping the weather cooperates. Look for updates on this trip in a couple weeks.

We are really looking forward to our Primary Program with Emily's family next week. Emily and I have really been practicing our songs! She stopped taking the Prednisone so the swelling in her face is already starting to go down. She has such a cheery disposition when I see her. You're awesome Em!

Jake and John got good enough grades to get the good student discount for insurance. It was a personal best for both of them! Spencer brought his grades up so for the first time, he had no "n's". Good job boys! Spence has a little bit of a learning disability, so we put him in piano lessons to see if that will help his brain to function better. He's doing great!


Jess said...

so, i just noticed that in your sweet bloggers column, there's carrie and sam, liz and mel, adam and shelley, tera, and jessica a... is the a necessary? haha.. maybe it keeps you not confused with marion jessica newman.. ;) oh, and mark is my husbands name, so if you end up wanting to change that, you can put it as jess and mark.. or not, whatever you want! also, i'm curious as to what you got your boys for christmas!

Rose said...

I can't post it here, cause my boys may see it, so ask me at Thanksgiving, or next time you see me.

Yeah, you never know when Marion might get on the internet and post something, but I can change it next time I update my lists and take my chances! lol