Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hope, Dream, Wish, Believe, Gratitude.

I saw this in the gift shop in Tillamook, Oregon.

I love the phrase...Love bravely.

Hope of

In our best moment...
we understand that
our vulnerabilities
are what connects us
That there is beauty
in every step of the journey
that we love bravely
offer comfort to our younger
  broken selves
and soar, always soar
on the brightness
of being alive.


unspoken or not,
are living whispers
inside our hearts
A whole life's potential
lies in the spaces
between these whispers.
Our dreams want us to say yes
to speak their truth.


My wish for you
is that you embrace
every ebb and flow
That you feel the full
breath of possibility.
That you listen to what
is calling you.


Time.  Devotion.
Tomorrow.  Hope.
lost opportunities and
silver lining mistakes.
when we finally begin.
when we let go.
when we leap fearlessly.
everything shapes us.


May we always 
be connected
in our 
and may you
always know
how deeply
you are loved.
how your heart 
is never alone.

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