Thursday, February 2, 2012

Update--Wow a whole month went by!

I should really update this blog!'s a tidbit of updates...

Zack is getting married on April 27th...this far as I know!  We love Caitlin and are looking forward to having her as the newest Mrs. Holladay!  They will probably live in Orem, Utah while they both finish school.

Zack is working for Wasatch Electric, not taking any classes this semester, but will get right back into it next semester.  He is staying with Caitlin's grandparents during the week because they live so close to his work and his work is so far from home...currently.  Caitlin and I miss him very much!

John is going to college to become an EMT/Fireman.  I believe he wants to fly helicopters with one hand and take care of patients with the other!  His best friend, Austin, is taking the classes with him and Austin is getting married in May.

Mike is still working a Kohlers and he is trying to make up some classes so that he can graduate this year.  He likes a girl who just moved to Payson.  (45 minutes drive).  He decided to see if the van would make a good 4 wheeler and got it stuck in the mud.  Had to call a tow truck to get it out.  Insurance paid the first $75...Mike gets to pay the rest!

Spencer...still in school, following his father's far as the computer!

Grandma Holladay is staying with us this month!  We are getting used to each other again!  She is on oxygen and her health has deteriorated since she left last year...but I can still get her to smile!  I think she has been depressed for a while...probably because she can't hear a thing anymore!  It's gotta be frustrating not to be able to communicate like you used to!  I have to keep a white board handy so I can talk to her.  We will be seeing about getting her fixed up tomorrow...poor thing!

No trips or anything planned in the near future (except the wedding!).  I just like staying home right now...and that's ok.

I still work out and play racquetball, still go to the temple and my friend, Leslie, has been coming over and organizing my cupboards and closets (sooo awesome!).  She did my pantry (found some lost treasures in there!), most of my kitchen cupboards and tackled the disaster of a storage closet I have downstairs!  She told me I would have empty shelves when she was finished.  I didn't believe her...but I do!  She has a hyper adrenaline currently and she is organizing my house for therapy!  (SCORE!!)  I told her I hope she makes it though my entire house before they find a cure!

We are all good here.  How about you?

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Christy said...

Lots of goings on at your house. I'm happy to hear about the wedding. What a fun thing to be involved in during the dreary days of winter! (And if your friend finds herself finished with your house and in dire need of more to do.... I live around the corner. :)