Friday, March 23, 2012

Who'd a thought...

Once there was a forest of gold and red
With leaves brilliantly gleaming through the day.
But once the night’s moon rose its glaring head,
Darkness settled in, with no room for day.
Long branches creaked as howling winds rushed through.
Trees danced across the floor with silent sounds.
And life went on, though darkness knew not who.
Yet shadows searched, though light could not be found.
With mourning, darkness hung its weary head.
Imploring for the light to enter in.
It begged its inner hunger to be fed,
For mornings light to help the day begin.
Once again the brilliant light shimmers through,
And red and golden leaves begin anew.

by J. Spencer Holladay (age 14)

Spencer wrote this while I was at the caucas meeting.  It was an English assignment. 
He got an A!


Beth said...

Wow! That is beautiful, Spencer! You have quite a way with words. Nice work!

Fern said...

I'm impressed! Nice job!