Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zack and Caitlin to be Married!

I'm slow, I know, but this has been a very busy few months!  Zack (oldest) got engaged to Caitlin Hall in January, and they will be wed this Friday!  She's a sweetie and we love her...especially Spencer and Mike like her (which is saying alot!)! 

My head is spinning and I may have forgotten or had no idea how to get your address to send invites to some of you...so please forgive me.  We also ran out of envelopes so some were sent a little late.  If you didn't get an invitation and want to come to the reception, leave a message and I will get you the information!

Mike decided to strike out on his own a couple of weeks ago...not quite finished with school yet, but he is trying to finish.  He is one stubborn boy!  As far as I know, he is doing ok.  I heard he was going to prom next Saturday.

I'm having a little separation anxiety...did not expect Mike to leave this soon.  It's exciting to see Zack moving on to the next step in his life...fun to see him learn about budgeting and what it really costs to live on your own without any subsidies.

Grandma Holladay moved back in with us the end of March.  She is enjoying not having to climb the stairs several times a day.  We have been down visiting her daughter, Joyce a couple times because she broke her arm and dislocated her shoulder riding on a Segway and hit a curb.  We got her a new hearing aid and she can communicate so much better!  When we got her for a month in February, we had to write on a dry erase board to communicate! 

I got the bathroom painted and put up some wainscot and painted Spencer's old room and put up some trim.  It's a yellow color and the guys don't like it...but it's my room and I like it very much! 

I was put in as Young Women's first counselor...whole new world for me!  I'm trying to get to know 13 beautiful young women!  They are amazing!  Tomorrow I am going to see a play that one of them is in! 

Well, that's all for now...I need to make a list for my sweet friends who are helping me in the kitchen on Friday.

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Jill Heaps said...

Lot's of changes and lot's of new adventures to come. Good luck tomorrow! Enjoy every minute :)