Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prayer time!

So, instead of chemo today, it was laundry and cleaning the kitchen (Yay!)!  I talked to the nurse today to see if there was anything we could do to get Jake's platelets up enough to get chemo, but she had nothing.  All I have is you guys and God, so if you could please say a prayer for Jake to get his platelet count up to at least 75 so he can continue with his chemo treatments so we can get this over with and he can get on with his life!

Jake's in really good spirits these days!  Sadly, he has lost so much strength in his hands and feet, just coming up the stairs is a hardship for him.  Sometimes he has to crawl up the last 5 stairs.  He told me yesterday he fell down and had to get help to get back up.  I asked him if he needed one of those geriatric gizmos so he could say, "Help!  I've fallen and I can't get up!"  I know it's more sad than funny, but we try to make light of the hard stuff so it doesn't seem like such a tragedy.  It's better than crying all the time!


Jill Heaps said...

I am so sorry! Jake is such a tough kid. He is going to get through this... How could he NOT with a mom like you? Keep up with your amazing attitude and know you are in our prayers!

fern said...

ya gotta keep laughing- love you guys!

Anonymous said...

The humor aspect is an awesome tool...helps you keep sane at times. My wife and I practice what we call "tumor humor"..

Phil (Carrie's uncle)