Monday, February 15, 2010

Where have you been all day?

Guess the city!

Played racquetball this a.m. Didn't beat Dave, but played doubles with some of my other racquetball buddies and won a few games, then played with Dave against them and won a few more. Then a chiropractor visit, then a funeral for my cousin's child, Nicole. I left the house for the funeral a little after noon, didn't get back until 5:35 pm. Although I explained to Mr H. where I was going several times, he wondered where I had been all day. This is what I get for living with an old man! haha

Although the circumstances were sad, it was great to see so many relatives I don't get to see very often. What a blessing it is to have family! I was talking to my mom and asked her the name of one of our relatives that was at the funeral. She said she didn't know, then called me Audrey...lost cause.

Won a trip for 4 to San Diego off one of the local radio stations! That was a fun phone call to receive! Just made our hotel reservations today. I am very excited for the whale watching trip! I'm hoping we can sneak some time at the San Diego Temple. That would be a great addition to our trip!


fern said...

sorry i missed the funeral- congrats on the trip- when are you going?

Rose said...

March 3