Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hey Mom!

Hey mom!

Happy valentines day!

The snow is melting rapidly! We're supposed to get a little bit of snow tomorrow and then we're supposed to have another big storm on Monday. I think New Jersey got 72 inches this winter so far. Which is a record. I think NJ usually gets a quarter of that. (Our snow fort is still there)

San Diego sounds like a blast! Don't forget to take pictures.

Not too much has happened since my last email. This morning President Winegar came to help us remove a couch that was stuck in Elder Pfost and Elder Johnson's bedroom. We tried to get it out, but it's half an inch too big. So we ended up destroying it. It took us about an hour. It was a well built couch, that's for sure. We finally tore the back off and took it to the garbage in President Winegar's new truck. He got a blue Chevy Colorado.
Still keeping busy with the office. We've been doing a bit more tracting to try to find some more investigators. We've found a few, but we still need to find more.

Elder Pfost and Elder Johnson got to use the assistants' car. The assistants are using the Silverado to help move missionaries around and move furniture.

Well I don't know what else to talk about. The mail is still trickling in. I've got 3 letters to write today. Oh, Heather sent me a letter finally. I guess she had her hands full with her bf, Justin. It was good to hear from her again. I also got a letter from Kyle a few days ago.

Love Zack

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