Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hey Mom!

Hey mom!
Yeah I can see the grass. The weird thing is that it's still green. I'm used to having the grass be yellow after the snow melts. The snow has been melting pretty fast because it's been raining the past few days.

That's great that you finally got rid of the white car. I'm surprised that Jake or John didn't want it. I thought that they wanted to drive. Are Jake and John still planning on going to college? Don't they need a job to go to college? I mean to pay for the books and everything.

WHOA! More TV Channels? Do we have Cartoon Network? Have you seen any of the new movies lately? I heard that Avatar was bigger than Titanic when it came out.

That's great that Ian got his Eagle! Alec had a guy friend and they're spending lots of time together? Sounds like a serious commitment! Glad your back is doing well.

I had interviews with Pres. this week. He said that my release date will change. I can't remember if I told you, I probably did, but the mission is splitting. The Cherry Hill Stake is going to the Philadelphia mission and the East Brunswick Stake is going to the Morristown NJ mission. Depending on which stake I'm in, I'll have a pretty good idea by April which date I'll have.

This week has been pretty busy. On Thursday we had our regular office meetings all day. Then on Friday we had Zone Conference and that lasted until 4pm. After Zone Conference we went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Beeston in Vorhees and Elder Okamoto went with Elder Howard in Moorestown. We didn't trade back until 4pm Saturday. We had to go pick up Elder Pfost and Elder Johnson for a dinner appointment at the Dun's. Then on Sunday we had PEC early in the morning at 8:15am then church started at 10 as usual. Elder Bunker, who was a missionary who had served in this mission when I was younger was at Sacrament Meeting just visiting. After church we had a dinner appointment with the Sikahema's and then we went to a youth fireside that we were invited to attend. It was about missionary work. Then on Monday we finally had time to do weekly planning (We're supposed to do it on Thursday usually, but we don't get around to it until Friday) So we planned out Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we went to the office to take inventory of all the supplies that we have so I can make a projection of what we'll need to order. Tuesday we had Interviews and then District meeting right afterwords. Then right after District meeting, we ate a quick lunch and made our way to an appointment with an investigator. That turned out to be super weird. Then we stopped by a potential who wasn't home. After that we when to pick up the other Elders to go to Bible Study at 7. And Today was P-Day. We went and played basketball, then came home and had lunch and showered and then I got a really bad migraine. I thought I was dehydrated from basketball so I drank lots of water, but then I got nauseous. My migraine went away not too long ago, but I still feel a little bleh.


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