Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This just in...

Ya, like they have a t.v. to hook it up to!

Hey Mom!

You may have noticed that I got a new email. They finally updated the missionary email system. You can just send everything to this email from now on. I guess the church has a contract with gmail, because that is the email system that I have now. I really like it. It's WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the old way. The old system looked and worked like it was ancient.

For the schoolio dealio: WHOA Jake's going to school That's great! What about John? What's his deal? I don't remember what my password for my UVU account was. I'm assuming it's the same as everything else. Did you find anything on BYU or any other school that has a good Computer Science program?

I sent the XBOX today. I went to the post office to get the biggest boxes that I could get so I could get everything sent.but it turns out that they were all too small. The XBOX wouldn't fit in any of the boxes. So I just got a different box and shipped it in that. I also shipped some other stuff that I couldn't/wouldn't use for the rest of my mission. It ended up costing me $50. I looked it up when I got to the office, and I saw that I could have sent it parcel post for half the price, but it would have taken 3 times longer, which wouldn't have mattered. Oh well.

YOU played a game on the COMPUTER? Was it a killing game? Thats super funny that you sprayed yourself with the sink hose. The sink hose that we have in our apartment, the handle sticks sometimes. So once in a while I'll make it still, so the next person to use the sink gets a little wet. So far Elder Johnson has gotten it 2 out of 3 times. Won't be too long before you can park in the handicapped spot legaly. :)

Degenerative bone disease! That must have been why your back hurt when we would work at Aunt Joyce's for a long time. How long will it take to fix? or do you have to go to the chiropracter for ever?

How many Book of Mormons have I placed since the last time I told you? I forgot to keep track... I'm going to guess and say 10, but that may be a little bit high. Or a little low. I can't remember.

Love ya!



fern said...

i love that picture! kind of freaky when they start talking about coming home and going to school- another era passes by....

Rose said...

5.75 months left! Indeed, mixed emotions! I'm so excited to see him, but/and sad/happyexcited that I won't be the most important woman in his life any more. Good-bye apron strings! (sniff!)