Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010 to the Max!

Hey Momly Zomly!

I really enjoyed talking to the everyone! I hardly recognized Mike. Spencer's still pretty much the same. and Jake and John sound the same too. I didn't even realize how long we talked! That really sucks that JC didn't get to talk to his family for Christmas. Will he get to talk to his family when he gets to the mission or will he have to wait until Mother's Day?

Dinner at the Sikahema's was great! Vai wanted us to watch a movie about the life of Martin Luther. (In his mission there were a lot of Lutherans.) It was interesting, but we didn't finish it. We had a classic Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas. Turkey, mashed potatoes, home-made rolls, corn, green beans, and other stuff. During dinner, President Sikahema talked football with the other Elders using football terms that I didn't understand. I had no idea what they were talking about, so I just nodded my head in agreement, making a surprised face and saying something like "Oh wow!" or "That's Amazing!" every once in a while. Brother Sikahema knew a lot of famous players that I recognize. Like Jerry Rice, and McNabb, and others. After dinner we watched The Nativity, which I later found out was not put out by the church. The Sikahema's said that it was out in theaters. It was a pretty good movie. I could feel the spirit of the message. Then right before we left, President Sikahema talked about calling home and how much it means to our families. (His son, Trey, is on a mission in England)

For New Years, we have a dinner appointment with Sister Trout, a member. Other than that we don't have much planned. We're not doing anything for New Years Eve either. No one signed up because the meal calendar was missing for a couple of weeks and then it randomly showed up this week. Oh well. Elder Howard wants us all to buy Nerf guns so we can wage war. We'll see...

Thanks for the pics!

By George! What a fine looking ol' 'chap'! Dad should do his hair like that when he wears his suit. It looks good!

Spencer looks sleepy. He must be a pretty good guitar player if someone gave him a $5!

Did Jake get new pajamas? I think they suit him well. He is kind of an air head. :P (Love ya Jake!) I think it's cute how Jake and John are "helping" Spencer open his present.

The new oven looks high-tech! The floor looks great and so do the cupboards. The house seems a little bit darker.

I'm glad the Missionary Mall is sending me new shoes. I hope I like them. I hope they're comfortable. If I don't like them do you think I could exchange them for something better?

That's great that you got your old class back. You'll have to get creative if you have the same lesson manual. Either way its a good review for the kids.

This week was slow because of the holidays. Hopefully it will pick up next year, if not, sooner. Our teaching pool is pretty much nothing until next year, so we've been visiting members to get to know the ward better.

Elder Johnson bought a rear fender for his bike to keep the water from flinging up his back. The day after he bought it, he tried to do a wheelie and his fender stuck into the ground and broke. It was so funny!

Well I can't think of anything else to report, so I'll close.

Love ya!

Hap----------py New Year!


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