Sunday, January 24, 2010

1/20/10 Letter


...I've only heard of a few people in the mission whose significant other waited the full two years. Few being like 1. Elder Packer is the only one I can think of where his girlfriend waited for him. Even now I don't know if he's going to marry her. There might be another one, but I can't remember. 2 years is a long time. Enough time to change. I felt bad for asking Erika to wait because she could have been looking for someone else during that time. I've changed a lot since I left. I think...

WHOA! Jake is going to YOUNG WOMENS!?!?!?!?!? That seems a little bit suspicious to me... Keep an eye one him! Don't let him buy any make up or dresses!

I want to get registered for school, but I don't know where yet. Do you know anywhere that has a good Computer Science program? I'm kind of leaning towards BYU cuz they're cheap, but I don't know. I might just stay at UVU since I already have credits there. I'm pretty sure I can register for classes. Elder Packer did it while I was with him. I think I just have to let Prez know that I need to register for classes. Also, GO AUSTIN! What field of edumacation is he going into?

On Monday we helped the Nelsons, the new Senior missionary couple teaching Institute in the East Brunswick Stake, move into their new apartment. They live up in New Brunswick. We had to make 2 trips because of all the furniture. I found out that they live SUPER close to Cassandra. Like within jogging distance. I thought about stopping in to say hello, but then I thought, whoa! that's kind of stalker-ish myself. And we didn't have any time, so meh. What ever. If I meet her, cool, but if not, its ok. What ever happens happens.

Speaking of free stuff..... you'll never believe what happened yesterday (Even now I find it hard to believe myself). Elder Howard and I were at Bro. Kitler's house. Bro. Kitler is 28 and kind of less-active/becoming active. I really like him. He has a good personality. He said that he needed to get rid of his old XBOX and some games. I volunteered to "get rid of it" for him. So he gave it to me and I thanked him kindly. I have an XBOX now. I will ship it home as soon as I can get a box to put it in. Hopefully it will all fit. It came with the XBOX, 3 controllers, the cords, and like 17 games. Hopefully it all works. If not, maybe I can sell it to Gamestop for a few moneys.

This week it slowed down a little bit because we've had people ditch our appointments. We've been getting in to see a lot of less-actives and we're teaching them the lessons in hopes that they will feel of the truth of the gospel once more. But other than that, not too much is going on.

I liked JC's letter. I think it's great that he's enjoying his first area. Hopefully he can baptize hundreds. And RETAIN hundreds. I wrote letters to both JC and Kyle, but they went to the MTC address. I hope they get to them.

Well, time to go play sports!



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