Friday, January 15, 2010

Interesting letter from Elder Z.

Hey Mom!

Hey sorry about yesterday. The system... was down. Some missionaries had to do emails today.

So how do you like the carpet? It looks kind of like the carpet that is in John's room. Is it soft enough to sleep on? or is it kind of rough?

I found out that Chad Lewis (Eagles Tight-end) used to live in the Moorestown ward, but he moved a couple years back. Also, Donavan McNabb(sp?) (Eagles Quarterback) lives in Mullica Hill which is in Woodstown. I didn't think Bro. Sikahema had family in our ward. All his relatives are Polynesian or Tongan, so I would have assumed they would have a unique family name.

This week we found a new person to teach while we were tracting (which rarely happens). His name is Daryl. He seems very open and he accepted everything that we taught. He loves the bible and he loves to talk about god. I hope he will pray about the BOM before Sunday when we have our next appointment with him.

Staying busy isn't hard. There's always something to do. Whether it's investigators to see or less-actives, we always have appointments. It's awesome!

Update on Cassandra Gorcsos: I replied to her letter and I waited a while to receive one back from her. She's the type that responds really quick. Well I hadn't heard from her in a while so I decided to send the missionaries to her house for 2 reasons.

#1: to see if they could get some more information about her.

#2: I thought it would be a good missionary opportunity since she knows a lot about the church.

So the missionaries (who were Zone Leaders) went there and they taught a lesson and apparently they set up a baptismal date for February 21st! Then yesterday we had a get together for Joe Donahue, a not so recent convert, for his birthday. Elder Gleed (AP), who lived with me last transfer, knew about her from when I got her first 3 letters. He went on an exchange with the Zone Leaders who happened to be planning on seeing Cassandra that same day of the exchange. So Elder Gleed met her and she gave him a small package that she was going to send me. It had her letter in it long with some candy and a hand warmer and a pocket version of the New Testament and a mesh bag for clutter. From her letter and from what Elder Gleed said, She's super short. 4'11" is what she said. She said that she was 72 lbs., but Elder Gleed said that she weighs a bit more than that, though she's still skinny. I don't think she's 72 lbs. Thats almost deathly thin. She's got to be closer to 100 lbs. But anyways, I thought it was cool that she has a baptismal date.

I'm doing this all from memory, so I'll try to get all the details.

My dream about GIWjk: Me and Elder Haslam were on an exchange. We were invited to eat with GIWjk's family. They were very nice and cordial. GIWjk wasn't there. She was at work when we began eating. We were having a lovely conversation when GIWjk got home. She seemed upset and she vented to her family for a long time. She ignored me and my companion the whole time even though we tried to engage her in conversation. Then after dinner we helped GIWjk's dad with a service project. President Winegar was there helping, but he wasn't there for dinner.

How did you win free stuff at the fitness fair? did Spencer enter a push-up contest? did you do a sit-up contest? where there any contests? or was it all just luck o' the draw?

I didn't know that you were going to institute! Since when? That's awesome that Gene R Cook came to speak though. Did you get to shake his hand or anything like that?

I think I'll need to get glasses when I get home so I can drive. I've noticed that it's difficult to read signs that are kind of far away when driving. It's most difficult at night.

Today we had a bunch of missionaries from the Philadelphia Mission here at the office. They were coming to pick up some cars to take back to their mission. It was kind of weird seeing missionaries from another mission. That hasn't happened in almost 18 months. It was cool to talk about the differences and similarities of our missions with the Philly Office Elders. Elder Nelson and Elder McNaughton. Elder Nelson has been in the office for 11 months! I couldn't believe it. I couldn't imagine being in the office for that long. He also said that he doesn't get to proselyte as much. That would suck.

Love ya!


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Cassandra E. Gorcsos said...

Haha. It's funny to read what other people say about me. It makes me feel sort of informed. LOL. I love it. Its like if there were a good version of spying:)