Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hey mom!

I realized that I had foolishly forgotten to tell you Happy Birthday before I finished my emails last week. Luckily Elder Quatel still had to finish some of his emails so I got to finish mine as well. I decided to put your birthday gift on a flash drive. I will buy a small envelope today and mail it off. I also put on almost all the pictures I've taken this year just to be sure you've got them all.

What brand are the skillet dinners? or what does it say on the package? I desire to purchase an item such as this.

I got your Easter-package today just before we left to come to the library to come and type up our emails. Thank you! Elder Quatel also appreciates the goodies you sent. Thank you! X 10.
We don't get lots of dinner appointments like we did in Woodstown. One reason is that there aren't very many members that reside in the boundaries of our assigned area. Another reason is that we're on bikes and it is not a very effective use of time to have to bike 5 miles out of our area just so we can eat dinner. Sometimes the other Elders serving in the same ward will give us a ride to a dinner appointment that we all are invited to. A third reason is that the mission has pushed for the discontinued use of meal-sign-up-calenders. Its not so bad though. We get fed every Sunday by the Hands' family so that's where we'll probably have Easter dinner. They always have something I like and we never leave hungry. We actually get fed 1-3 times a week, so I can't complain.
In Haddon Heights there is little or no farm land. There are buildings/houses and then there might be some trees with some more buildings. We can actually see Philadelphia from our area across the Delaware River.
We don't have anyone like Sis. Carter in our area. She is one of a kind. I kinda miss her one-of-a-kindness.
We got to do emails on Thursday because we spent most of the day with the zone leaders. They said that there were computers in their apartment complex that we could use, but apparently management there had implemented a new security policy there which made it so you have to have an ID card to use the computers so we were unable to do much emailing because we didn't have very much time.

I liked all of the conference talks. Especially the 2nd to last one by Elder Perry. I hope we can use that to inspire the members here to help move the missionary work along. One of the tasks of a full-time missionary is to inspire and teach members how to do missionary work and to provide referrals for us to teach.
Speaking of referrals...We met a man at general conference who was not a member who referred himself to us. He is a former federal judge and lawyer. We call him Judge Coggins. He said that he wants to move out to Provo, UT. He has established many relationships with families there. He is good friends with Elder Holland's son.

I miss you too mom. But don't worry. I know you'll pull through. This is "but a small moment and is for [our] experience." Plus you have John. If you read the email he sent me, you'll see that he's almost as awesome as me, but not quite... But he's still awesome. Granted he has some big shoes to fill, literally. lol. He'll grow into them....maybe... Plus Mother's Day is coming up so I'll get to talk to you soon.

I'm glad to hear that my family is following the counsel of the prophets. You guys (and girl) make me proud! Some times I worry that we as members get too comfortable and we think that we don't need to do what the Lord tells us. Maybe its just because I've seen many people who don't follow the words of the prophet or who don't feel a need for a prophet. It's comforting to know that my family is doing well!

Well I gotta go. Time is running out... :/


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Leilani said...

I'm glad to hear all about Zak! I'm still craving more brownies and ice cream!