Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break Broken! Happy B-day Jake and John!

This was our Thursday snow. We were packing for our trip and had to dig the trailer out of the snow.
We couldn't find our group on Friday to go 4 wheeling, so we found our own trails to scout.

Then we found our group, just a mile past the mark that Dave stopped looking. This is Jake and Scott Larson.

Then we were invaded by aliens!

Saturday, we went riding in the hills by Santa Clara. If you zoom in on this picture, you can see that the 4 wheeler broke completely in half. (So bummed about that!) Dave thinks he can fix it, so here's hoping!
Jake and John had their 18th Birthday today! Jake got a "Whine bottle" So he is whining into this bottle! lol Their request for dinner was filet Mignon, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, corn and mac & cheese with hamburger in it (interesting). Then chocolate cake with yummy fudge frosting!

B-day cake, duh!
Awe, the good life!
Happy birthday guys!


~Dana said...

How fun!

fern said...

wow- that last picture really took me back!! looks like the boys had a great birthday- so here is another birthday wish! hope dave can fix the 4 wheeler - that totally sucks!! keep on havin fun!

Rose said...

LOL, yeah, Zack sent me a new pic and his hair looks exactly the same as it did then!

sam said...

I remember babysitting the twins. I think that was the first diaper I ever changed.....yuk!