Friday, April 24, 2009

Hey Mom!

Hey mom!

So sorry about not emailing you last week. For some reason I thought John was you and I didn't even give it a second thought. It wasn't until after we had finished doing emails that I realized that I forgot to email you. I thought, "uh-oh. Mom's gonna punch me..." I wanted to write you a snail mail, but I had even less time to do that than normal. I'll try to make up for it some how this week. Elder Quatel is from Sao Palo(sp?) I think. in the south part of Brazil.

As you may know, (or soon will) I am now the senior companion. My new companion is Elder Draper. No he's not from Draper. He's from West Valley. He's pretty cool. He has a guitar and sometimes lets me play on it when he's not. He's been out for 3 transfers(4 1/2 months. This transfer is his 4th (soon to be six months). I'm hoping that this will be a good transfer. I was kind of nervous to be the senior companion. Everyone seemed to make a big deal out of it which created some pressure. It was kind of difficult at first, but now I don't find it that hard. Elder Quatel tried to sell his bike WITH a GPS to Elder Draper for $200 dollars. Elder Draper soon found out that it was not worth $200. The gears kept skipping and the breaks weren't that great. so he has decided to borrow a bike from another elder who isn't using his. My bike still works. Nothing is really broken/not working.
My pants seem to have shrunk or something. They're not as long as they used to be and its a little more snug around the waist. I'm thinking of going to Walmart and buying a new pair or 2. or maybe I'll just ask for that for my B-day. I think I'll do the latter. Mom, will you send me some slacks for my birthday?

I was challenged last week. President Winegar challenged everyone to read the Book of Mormon this transfer. He said it wasn't mandatory, but I decided to take him up on it. If I read 13 pages a day I can do it. So far I'm doing pretty well. As I read, I am kind of hoping that we can have a day to just study all day. Reading the BofM is kind of addicting.

It sounds like your trip was pretty fun except for the one mishap. Hopefully Dad and Brothers can fix it. I hope the 4 wheelers don't break until I get a chance to use them. That would be kind of disappointing.
Tell Jake and John Happy Birthday! I will send them a late birthday something something this week.
Also, congratulations on winning at racket ball today.
I would rather have someone else cut my hair than have myself cut my hair. I'm no barber. That's for sure. But I don't know anyone that can do it. I don't know where any barbershops are either. And I don't have very much money left on my card this month because we bought food to fill the refrigerator. And I don't need a haircut yet.

I couldn't find any skillet meals in a bag, but I did find those Banquet tv dinners for 88 cents. We usually go to Aldies to buy our food. It's a really cheep grocery store right outside of Camden.

Well thats pretty much everything that was note worthy this week.
I need to finish quickly so my companion can do his emails.


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just a couple more weeks and you get to talk to him!!