Thursday, April 2, 2009

Early Birthday Present!

Jake and John made me a birthday video this year! I love their creativity! The song at the end is currently Jake's favorite. Thanks guys! You're awesome!

I love my birthdays! I get to celebrate all week long! I have never had to go to church on my birthday because if it's Sunday, it's conference. One of my racquetball friends, Julie, made me a birthday breakfast yesterday, some of my dearest friends are taking me out to lunch today and tomorrow, my friend, Wendy is making me breakfast! My dad and Uncle sent me birthday cards already and they were both blue and had butterflies on them...very cool!
I have awesome friends!

Aunt Belva and I got to go to the Draper Temple in the big snow storm! I can't believe we made the session because the traffic was horrendous on the freeway and visibility was about 1 block, I didn't know how to get there and it was snowing and we left a little late. is a beautiful temple and we were both glad we got to go.


Beth Hansen said...

Happy Birthday Aunt Rose!!

Rose said...

Thanks! It's been a fabulous day! I love birthdays! We celebrate all week!