Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York Visit

Last March I had the opportunity to book a trip back east to see my dad.  I thought that Jake would be over his cancer by then (which he is) and it's the best time to go...price-wise.  Usually the fall colors are phenomenal, but they were pretty subdued this year.  It's pretty's been their wettest year on record.  The riverbeds that are normally dry this year are full and flowing.  No one is looking forward to where the water will go next year.

I was hoping to keep working out while I was here.  We were able to find a gym that would give me a free one week membership.  They had all the equipment I needed to do the workout regimen my trainer had given me...well, as well as I could remember it.  I was grateful my dad was willing to make the 35 min. drive to Glens Falls every other day...and then he would either find something to do or sit in the parking lot and read until I was ready...very sweet!

 This is my step-bro., Will.  We fixed dad's snow blower.  Of course, I was a huge help!

If you follow BYU basketball, you will remember this guy...Jimmer Fredette's dad.  Jimmer's dad, met my dad!  We go to the same ward as Jimmer's family...while in New York.  He remembered us from prior visits.  There is another family that has been in the ward since I lived here...50 years ago!...the Kabrickies (sp?)!  They always come talk with us and catch up when we come.  Their daughter works in the temple with my Utah.  Al (Fredette) said he was at the mascot bowl at Lehi High School a few weeks ago...just down the street.  I told him to call next time he was in town!  Nice, nice guy!  We visited for about a 1/2 hour or so.  He definitely loves his family!

The blue lady on the left was my old neighbor, Jean Parker.  Her older girls used to babysit us sometimes when we lived in Glens Falls.  The blue lady on the right is my Aunt Dorothy.  She will be turning 85 tomorrow!  She lives by herself and she is the one that helps could say, if she were LDS, she would be the RS pres. in her ward/branch.  Happy birthday Aunt Dot!

This is my daddy!  He hasn't changed much in the past 40 years...except he's more wrinkly, bigger tummy and less hair.  He's just as loud, still talks to himself, loves to laugh and tell stories...but I think he gets sweeter as he gets older.  His training is coming along well!  hehe

Tomorrow, we celebrate Aunt Dorothy's b-day, then up early for 6 AM flight home.  It's been a nice break, but I need to get back to real life...the whole family does.
Here's to figuring out what that is...and living it!

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Jill Heaps said...

I am so glad you are enjoying your trip! Have a wonderful time!!