Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yes, I really am 50!

Thanks Jake, John and Austin for the signage!

Well, I made it to 50! I got my AARP card, whatever that means. I woke up this morning and checked to see if I felt any older...Nope! Actually, I felt pretty good today. I've noticed more aches and pains the past couple months, but I choose not to make it the focus of my life.

I like to celebrate my birthdays all week long. We started on Wednesday with a trip to the Bountiful Temple with Aunt Betty, mom and cousin Connie. We had a great time and enjoyed some hilarious stories from Aunt Betty and her Jazzy stories.

Thursday, I got to go to Zupas for lunch with two of my dear friends. Great food, great company! Then I spent most of the rest of the day helping my niece re-stain her cupboards.

Friday, Jake and John made breakfast for all my racquetball buddies. We had eggs, bacon and a waffle bar. Leon treat us to some cowboy poetry about buying a bra for his wife. Funny stuff! Then I had a appointment with the chiropractor, who had a Happy Birthday sign up for me, in his treatment room, then I got an hour massage...fabulous! I went home and got to spend some mommy time with my mom. She came over and made chocolate dipped strawberries, eclairs and cream puffs for my party that night (Thanks mom!). Most of my family came over, and a few friends for the yummy treats! John decorated the house with balloons and streamers.

Saturday, Spencer made me some delicious French toast, made from some fabulous bread made by my dear friend, Jill Heaps! (Thanks Jill!) John made me some lunch and Dave took me to Olive Garden (but, my bro-in-law bought our dinners) Thanks Joe! I loved listening to conference today! Lots of friends remembered me and I really appreciate their thoughtfulness! I especially love the comments from the guys who thought I was much younger! :)

The boys have been trying their hand at pizza making. They tried two different recipes, but it seems they taste too yeasty. If anyone has any better recipes for a good crust, please let us know. They tried one off the internet and Dana's recipe.


The Nelson's said...

Wow, what a fun birthday week! I am so glad that you had such a fun birthday! I have an easy pizza crust recipe that you make in a bread machine. Not sure if that will help or not.

Rose said...

Is it yummy?

Rachel Elison said...

Well Happy Birthday! I know that I am a little late, but I have been realy sick. Feeling better now and trying to get caught up! So Happy 50th Birthday!!! It sounded like you had a great week!!! Miss ya, hope all is well. Next time your boys (Jake and John)want to make breakfast please send them my way!! How sweet! What a great family you have!

Heaps Family said...

I seriously can't believe you are 50!! You look amazing! I am so glad you had a wonderful WEEK :) You deserve every second of it!